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PlayStation 4

  • PS4 promises games that can be experienced whenever, wherever and however you want, thanks to a system specially built to cater to the needs of the best developers in the world.

  • You'll be able to play digital titles as they download from PlayStation Store, and update PS4 even when it is switched off.

  • Immediately pick up any saved game where you left off – the "suspend mode" of PS4 gets rid of loading times and lets you carry on by simply pressing the power button.

  • Gaikai technology will let you instantly try out sections of any game that catches your eye on PlayStation Store.

  • Check out what your friends are up to and see the games, TV shows, movies and music recommended especially for you on the newly designed PS4 menu screen.

  • Broadcast as you play via Ustream. If you get stuck, your mates can join in to help you or offer comments in real time.

  • You can use a variety of applications, such as a web browser, while you play a game.

  • Your favourite PS4 games will be playable on PlayStation Vita via Wi-Fi with Remote Play.

  • Meanwhile, the new PlayStation App lets you turn your smartphone into a second screen – for example, to let you view a map or see how a friend is tackling the same part of a game.


  • A new, built-in sensor will enable highly sensitive motion control.

  • You'll be able to interact with games in new ways thanks to a touch pad on the front of the controller.

  • Additional sound effects will come from an inbuilt speaker; a headset jack lets you hear these in detail as well as chat with friends.

  • The controller's familiar dual analog sticks have been enhanced to provide better precision.

  • New, curved L2 and R2 buttons will give you greater control.

  • Upload images and video to Facebook with a tap of the new SHARE button.

  • An LED Light Bar on the top of the controller will match the colour of in-game characters so players can keep track of each other. You'll also be able to spot when a character has been injured, for instance.

  • A new camera has been developed alongside the controller, and tracks the location of DUALSHOCK 4 via its LED Light Bar.

The Games

  • Killzone Shadow Fall: You play as an elite Shadow Marshal charged with keeping tensions between the Helghast and Vektans from boiling over.

  • inFAMOUS: Second Son: Seattle is the setting and Delsin Rowe is the new hero with the ability to manipulate smoke.

  • DriveClub: Social connectivity, cutting-edge graphics and the world's greatest supercars feature in the latest title from Evolution Studios.

  • Knack: Turn into a gigantic fighting machine thanks to the power of ancient relics in this vibrant new adventure.

  • Watch_Dogs: Learn what it is to have complete control over a hyper-connected city.

  • The Witness: The latest puzzle game from Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid.

  • Destiny: A brand new first person shooter from Bungie Studios.

  • Other titles being readied include Capcom's Deep Down and Diablo III from Blizzard.